February 2012

Growth dialogue on the topic of 'Innovative SMEs' at the German Parliamentary Society in Berlin

Volland speaks on textile network InoReTex

Steffi Volland reports on the InoReTex network as part of a 'growth dialogue' on the topic of 'Innovative SMEs'. On 7 February 2012, MPs and representatives from politics and industry discuss with textile research institutes at the Parliamentary Evening of the Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. (Textile Research Council) of the German Parliamentary Society in Berlin. Important topics are the challenges and opportunities for SMEs, and possibilities for improvement in the current economic climate. Six entrepreneurs and partners from the InoReTex network took part in the dialogue. Extensive talks were held in preparation for the event with the members of the Bundestag Robert Hochbaum (CDU), Joachim Günther (FDP) and Rolf Schwanitz (SPD) in Oelsnitz and Plauen.