Textile innovations - the right path to the future

Our range of services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions involves developing market-oriented projects, identifying market needs, conducting market research, submitting funding applications, implementing research projects and establishing business networks. In so doing, we are able to bring partners and projects from a broad range of industries and technologies together. Our remit also includes the conceptualisation and organisation of marketing activities, such as trade fairs, as well as coordinating market launches. In our work, we draw on our extensive experience in developing new business fields, projects and products. Our highest priority is trust and reliability. Luvo consult – expertise in textiles since 1997.

Project development

We develop and implement industry-wide projects in the fields of textiles, renewable energy, technical textiles, energy efficiency, agriculture and forestry, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, contract furnishing and interior design as well as in the medical and biotech sectors.

Through pro-active market monitoring and needs analysis, we develop innovative product / project ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individual clients. Our objective is to access new fields of business and generate ideas to safeguard our customers' stability and future growth. We work very closely with our scientific research partners.

Trade fairs and marketing activities

Another focus of LUVO consult's work is the organisation and execution of marketing activities and trade fairs. This includes planning, organising and conducting workshops, training activities, events, conferences and trade fairs for corporate groups and industry sectors. Furthermore, LUVO-IMPEX GmbH supports SMEs in the strategic development of innovations for implementing and placing new product families and groups of products on the market. We provide marketing and sales consultancy services and also set up corresponding systems for our customers. In this way, we support our customers' management in launching new products in new market segments.

Funding research and acquisition

There are a variety of funding programmes at regional, national and EU level open to all sectors and for all technologies to provide companies and regions with sustainable support for innovation and competitiveness. This makes a significant contribution to growth and job security. We carry out research and submit applications for project-related funding for small and medium-sized enterprises and public sector clients. Upon receipt of the award, we support our partners in managing the projects and accompany them up to the proof of usage stage. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy's 'Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM)'. ZIM is a nationwide funding programme open to all sectors and technologies for SMEs and research institutions that work closely with industry. We are skilled at applying for funding for technology transfer services, trade fair participation and a wide range of research projects using various programmes at federal and state level. We always strive to generate the best possible funding opportunities for our customers to support their project proposals.

Market studies and feasibility studies

It is essential for the strategic planning of successful companies to conduct professional analyses. A thorough market entry and risk analysis needs to be carried out prior to implementing new projects. This allows the opportunities and risks associated with the project to be scrutinised in order to guarantee the success of the proposed project.

Important foundations for the preparation of successful market entry are knowledge of potential customers and their decision-making criteria as well as information about competitors and current market trends. To ensure their success, we provide our customers with detailed, company-specific information on which they can base their decisions.

Our services include:

  • Conducting market and competition analyses
  • Carrying out product research
  • Performing cost-effectiveness analyses

Network and project management

We particularly excel in the development, organisation and implementation of interdisciplinary, project-based enterprise networks. The opportunities afforded by participation in network projects for companies and research partners are:

  • Sharing of know-how and experience, knowledge transfer
  • Generating and leveraging industry-wide synergies
  • Expert research
  • Opening up new markets through joint marketing campaigns
  • Accessing new markets with traditional and innovative products

With the experience of our network managers in the preparation of grant applications for our networks and their individual projects, we successfully build market-related alliances between industry and the scientific world. To this end, excellent support for mutual success is provided by the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Interdisciplinary networks and cooperation based on trust are the prerequisites for new innovations.