January 2015

Network focus now on wild boar - networks with textile innovations lead to new revenue opportunities

LanoTex with new projects

Shortly before the scheduled end of the LanoTex (innovative textiles for agriculture and forestry) network project, the formation of two new working groups is announced: after a prototype plant for air conditioning of calf rearing facilities, a first forest trial with biologically degradable, long-lasting game bite protection, and the development of anatomically shaped tick-repellent textiles for horses and dogs, for example, the success story of the cooperation between 15 partners from research and industry funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is set to continue.

At a workshop, network manager Steffi Volland said that the objective for funding the development of odour-emitting textiles for the purposes of 'wild boar deterrence' was to address an unsolved problem of considerable impact on the economies of countries in the EU. Further, the aim was to move towards more energy-efficient forms of air conditioning for greenhouses in 2015 and to capitalise on experience gained from the so-called 'calf barn curtains'.

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